My experience with ProtonVPN in 2021

Would you like to use ProtonVPN? Is ProtonVPN a free VPN service? Can I use ProtonVPN with Netflix? How much does a ProtonVPN subscription cost? Is ProtonVPN a good VPN? Here I will share my personal experience with ProtonVPN while answer frequently asked questions about the VPN provider.

Proton is a company registered in Switzerland and it was registered in 2014. It all started with ProtonMail, a service securing people and their email communication. But, it quickly turned into ProtonVPN as well.

Today, ProtonVPN has servers in more than 50 countries, and they protect more than 20 million people with their products today. No matter what you say, that number of customers and the fact that they are registered in Switzerland, should give you a sense of security at once.

Is ProtonVPN a free VPN?

Many people want to use a free VPN. That is completely natural and it is easy to understand. Why pay for a VPN if you can get your VPN subscription for free? But, is ProtonVPN really free?

Yes, ProtonVPN is a free VPN. That means, you can use ProtonVPN without paying for the service. But, they have some limitations on their free service, which means that you can only use the free subscription on one device, and you can only use three different servers. The speed of the connection is also slowed down, and it will not work well for unblocking websites.

But, if you just want to use a VPN simply to secure your Internet activity, then ProtonVPN and the free version might be enough. They do not have any bandwidth limitations, which is very seldom in the “free-VPN” business.

I was greatly surprised by the free version of ProtonVPN

I am very negative when it comes to free VPN services. Often, they give you such a poor product, that it is impossible to live with it and use it in the free version. But with the free version of ProtonVPN, it is different. You can actually survive with the free version, if you don’t care much about unblocking streaming services and it doesn’t matter where the VPN servers you connect to are located.

I like the design of ProtonVPN

Another very positive thing with ProtonVPN is the design of the VPN application. I have been using ProtonVPN on a Windows computer, and the colors and the design of the Windows application is very nice. ProtonVPN also has applications for Linux, iOS, Android, and Macintosh.

It is easy to connect to servers in different countries, the map is nice to look at, and in general, it is very user friendly.

ProtonVPN doesn’t log my online activity

ProtonVPN has a no-logging policy. As a result, they do not store information about me. I don’t need to share my name or anything during the registration process, and if I want to remain anonymous throughout the payment process, I can pay for my subscription with Bitcoin.

It is also important to know that ProtonVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What is the difference between the different ProtonVPN plans?

Below you can see a screenshot showing the prices of the different ProtonVPN plans.

ProtonVPN price

The picture above explains the differences quite clearly. The most important is to notice that you need the Basic package to do torrenting. If you want to use ProtonVPN to unblock Netflix or other streaming service, or to use your ProtonVPN on the TOR network, then you will need to go for the Plus package.

The Visionary package includes the best package of the ProtonMail, a revolutionary experience for those processing lots of emails, but still want to keep privacy and protect themselves while doing so.

Do I really like ProtonVPN?

This is what you have been waiting for all the time. As a free service, I really like ProtonVPN. But, the free version will only be good for those with few requirements. If you want to unblock TV networks or streaming services, if you want to download content from Torrent sites, or if you need an IP address in a specific country, you will need a different package. And, if you need a different package, then you could consider using other VPN services such as SurfsharkVPN, ExpressVPN, or NordVPN instead. They might seem more expensive at first, but if you first need to pay for ProtonVPN, then it is actually more expensive than all the three mentioned VPN services.

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These are my thoughts about ProtonVPN. Have you tried ProtonVPN? What is your experience with ProtonVPN? Write a comment and let me know. I would love to hear from you.

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