How can I watch the BBC series “Boarders” on BBC iPlayer outside England?

Have you heard about the brand new BBC series named “Broaders”? It is a popular new series, and the first season is available on BBC iPlayer with six episodes in total. You will not find “Boarders” on Netflix or Amazon Prime, so BBC iPlayer is the solution if you are eager to watch every single episode. How can you do that if you live elsewhere in the world?

If you try to watch “Boarders” abroad, you will see an image like the one below. Everything might seem normal, but there is a small text on the top saying that “BBC iPlayer only works in the UK.” What can you do about that?

bbc iplayer doesn't work abroad
BBC iPlayer doesn’t work abroad… what can you do about the error message if you want to watch “Boarders” on BBC iPlayer outside the United Kingdom?

We will give you the answer very soon, but let us first write a few words about “Boarders” and the story of the TV series.

What is “Boarders” about?

The quintet of teenagers encounters difficulties adjusting to their new school environment. Jaheim quickly becomes embroiled in conflict with troublemaker Rupert, while Leah clashes with the headmaster. Omar is determined to validate the existence of a clandestine society by any means necessary, while Femi discovers unexpected companions who persuade him to participate in an unusual school tradition. Toby faces misconceptions from his peers but cleverly uses the situation to his advantage in order to impress a girl.

The first season is available with six episodes in total, each lasting 46 minutes. You can find more information about the TV series at

Is it possible to watch “Boarders” on BBC iPlayer abroad? Yes!

It isn’t hard to watch BBC iPlayer abroad if you know the solution. Have you heard it before? It isn’t hard to put together furniture from IKEA either, if you know the solution if you follow the instructions, and if you see someone else do it. Well, I am about to give you some help. As a result, you can watch “Boarders” and all the other content on BBC iPlayer worldwide in a few seconds..

Let’s get started!

watch boarders online

You need to use the VPN services of NordVPN!

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Have you bought a subscription? There are many packages and options with NordVPN, but the cheapest package including the VPN service (but no cloud storage, password managers, etc) is enough to stream “Boaaders” and other content on BBC iPlayer.

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Start the application and connect to a server in the United Kingdom. NordVPN has many servers in the UK, and it doesn’t impact anything if you connect to a server in London, Manchester, or Glasgow.

Visit the BBC iPlayer website and create a user (if you haven’t registered one already). This is completely free. The only requirement is that you should register your user with a ZIP code in the United Kingdom.

Search for “Boarders”. You are now ready to stream all the episodes of this series on the BBC website. It might be you must restart the browser or your BBC application, but once that is done, you are ready to stream fantastic TV series and movies produced and broadcasted by BBC.

boarders is waiting for you!

That’s it. You are now ready to watch the TV series online on BBC iPlayer. The next time you ready about a fantastic TV series on BBC you don’t have to wait for it to come to Netflix, or to be imported by some TV network in your country. Instead, you can use NordVPN and get immediate access to the content on BBC iPlayer.

If you want even more fun, use NordVPN to watch ITVX (the streaming service of ITV) besides BBC iPlayer.

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