How to get a German IP address?

Are you living outside Germany? Are you a German living abroad? Would you like to get a German IP address? Do you need a local IP address in Germany to watch German Netflix, or to watch TV channels such as ZDF, DasErste, or ARD outside Germany?

Germany is a fantastic country. It is a country many people dream of living in. But, what can you do if you want to be in Germany virtually? Is there a way to get a German IP address? It is very easy, and this is what you need to do.

Who needs a German IP address?

Many TV channels, streaming services, forums, and newspapers require its visitors to be located in Germany. They are using so-called geographical blocks in order to stop people outside the country from accessing the content. Maybe that is why you are reading this article, because you want to access content online that is limited to people in Germany? How can it be done?

IP Address Germany

How to get a German IP address?

The best way to get a German IP address is by using a VPN. It is easy, it is anonymous, and it is very secure. There are many VPN services, but not all of them are good, and not all of them are anonymous. Here I will tell you about two VPN services that will help you get a German IP address. If you follow the instructions, you can stream German TV abroad in a few minutes from now.

  • Choose one of the two VPN services.
  • Purchase a subscription (both have 30-day full refund policies).
  • Download the VPN client.
  • Connect to a server in Germany.
  • Surf the Internet with an IP address in Germany.

The best VPN for Germany

Here I will tell you about the two best VPNs for Germany. They are the best because they will unblock all the important German TV channels and because they both work with German Netflix.


This is the cheapest solution. They have servers in many countries, and they work with more Netflix countries than any other VPN. It is very easy to use, and they have very good customer support.


Click the button above to get a special SurfsharkVPN discount.


ExpressVPN is more expensive than SurfsharkVPN. But, ExpressVPN is faster, and they have servers in more countries. You can use ExpressVPN to unblock many TV networks and streaming services, and you can use one subscription on five devices at the same time.

If you click the ExpressVPN button above, you will get three months for free if you purchase a 12-months plan.

This is all the information you need to get a German IP address

I am using the mentioned VPN services to watch German TV abroad. I am also using them to watch movies and TV shows available on Netflix in Germany. It is also brilliant that I can use them to watch American Netflix, to watch BBC and ITV in the UK, to watch Hulu in the United States, and so many other streaming services and TV networks.

I hope this article will help you get your local IP address in Germany as quickly as possible. If you have any comments or questions, please write them down.

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