Can I watch movies and TV shows on German Netflix outside Germany?

Have you read about an awesome movie or a hilarious TV show that you can watch on Netflix in Germany? Would you like to stream all the movies and TV series available on German Netflix, even though you live somewhere else? This is what you need to do!

I have earlier written articles about how you can watch Canadian Netflix and how you can watch content on Netflix in other countries. But, what if you want to watch German Netflix? Is it possible? Yes, it is!

If your Netflix account is registered in an EU country, follow the instructions in this video to watch German Netflix. If your Netflix account is registered outside the EU, follow the instructions in this article.

Netflix Deutschland
How to watch German Netflix abroad?

Watch German Netflix outside Germany

To watch content available on Netflix in Germany, use ExpressVPN or SurfsharkVPN. These are VPN services that will help you change your IP address, and at the same time, give you access to Netflix in other countries. You can even use ExpressVPN and SurfsharkVPN to watch BBC, Channel4, ITV, NBC, CBS, FOX, Hulu, HBO Now, and many other streaming services and TV networks online.

Click the buttons below to visit the websites of ExpressVPN and SurfsharkVPN. When you have bought a subscription to one of the services, follow the instructions further down in the article.

There is no need to worry, both ExpressVPN and SurfsharkVPN have 30-day money-back guarantees. If you don’t like the service, or if you for some other reason do not want to use it anymore, you can easily ask for a full refund.

ExpressVPN is a very fast VPN. They have servers in more than 90 countries, and you can use one subscription at five devices at the same time. If you click the button above, they will give you three months for free if you purchase a 12-months subscription.


SurfsharkVPN has a fantastic deal currently at its 24-months package. It is incredibly cheap, and you can watch content on Netflix in 15 countries with this service. You can use one subscription on 10 devices at the same time.

What to do now?

After you have bought a subscription to ExpressVPN or SurfsharkVPN, do the following:

  • Download the VPN application to your computer, laptop, tablet, telephone, or to your smart-TV.
  • Run the application and connect to a server in Germany.
  • Visit or open your Netflix application.
  • You can now watch all the content on Netflix in Germany.

It is really easy, and you can later use the VPN to watch content on Netflix in the United States, Canada, Netherlands, UK, and in Japan (and even more countries).

What to watch on Netflix in Germany?

There are many great movies and TV series produced in Germany available on German Netflix. But, you can also find Hollywood movies and popular TV series here. Look around, and you will for sure find lots of great content worth watching.

I hope these instructions have helped you. If you still need help watching German Netflix abroad, write a comment and I will do my best to help you!

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