How can I watch ITV online outside the UK?

ITV, the flagship of entertainment in the UK, might be one of the things you miss the most when you go abroad. But, is there anything you can do to stream ITV, even when abroad? Is there an easy solution that will make you able to watch ITV live streams and ITV programs on-demand, even when you go on a work trip to Asia, or while you enjoy a nice hotel room in the United States?

ITV, originally launched as Independent Television (thereof ITV) in 1955, is the most important TV network in the United Kingdom, together with BBC. The original goal with the network was to bring competition to BBC, and they have for sure succeeded with that goal. As a result, ITV is the biggest competitor of BBC in the United Kingdom today, together with Channel 4. It might be that the BBC is the most famous and popular channel still, but ITV has done a good job producing and creating original material, and they are also great at broadcasting large sports events.

Often they buy rights to broadcast large sports events together with BBC, and on other occasions, they broadcast the events all by themselves. An example of that is the Rugby World Cup in 2019 which will air solely on ITV in the UK.

How can I watch ITV online outside the UK?

In order to stream ITV online, you will need to visit ITV Player and register a user there. During the registration process, make sure to register your user with a ZIP code in the UK.

ITV Zipcodes:
Here are some suggestions for zip codes you can use as you register a user at ITV Player:
L1 1RH (Liverpool), M3 4JQ (Manchester), W1J 7QY (London)

But, it isn’t enough to create a user and to register it at the ITV website. You will still see the error messages everyone else see when they try to stream ITV outside the UK. It might look a little bit different from time to time, but it normally looks something like this.

What you can clearly read from the error message is that the ITV Hub can only be streamed in the UK. There is an exception, and that is if you have an ITV Hub+ subscription and reside in the European Union. If that is so, you will still be able to stream the ITV content while abroad. But, if you do not have an ITV Hub+ subscription, or if you currently reside outside the European Union, this is what you need to do to watch ITV abroad.

Use a VPN that works with ITV

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, and it is a very frequently used method to secure your online activity and to hide your actual location. When you connect to VPN servers worldwide, your connection is tunneled through that served, and inside the tunnel, none can see what you actually do. As a result, the only the websites you visit will notice, is that it receives signals from the VPN server you are connected to.

When you want to watch ITV abroad, you need to connect to a VPN server in England. But, ITV has done their homework and discovered many of the IP addresses used by the different VPN provider. To stop them, they block the requests from most of these IP addresses, and as a result, the VPN users will still be blocked from watching ITV abroad.

But, there are some VPN providers that still work with ITV, and here you have the best VPN providers from ITV!

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You can click the links above to visit the websites of the different VPN providers. You can pick any of them, but our first choice is without a doubt ExpressVPN. Not only are they the fastest, but they are far better than all other VPN providers when it comes to providing fast service, and excellent servers that make it easy to bypass geo-blocks. ExpressVPN has worked with ITV continuously for years, and while the others also work, ExpressVPN stands in a class for themselves.

No matter which VPN you use to watch ITV abroad, you are safe!

Maybe you decide to use PureVPN or IvacyVPN instead? They are both much cheaper than ExpressVPN, and they get the job done. But, if you are worried about purchasing a VPN subscription with any of these providers, you can stop worrying straight away. All the three mentioned providers, ExpressVPN, PureVPN, and IvacyVPN, have 30-day money-back guarantees, meaning that you can ask for your money back after your purchase for thirty days if you do not like the service. I have tried it myself, and they do give the money back. They might ask you a few questions first in order to help you solve any problems that might be solved, but if you just say that you want your money back, you will get it!

I am using ExpressVPN to stream Sandition on ITV online
I am using ExpressVPN to stream Sandition on ITV online

Other advantages with ExpressVPN

Once you have an ExpressVPN subscription, you can stream BBC on-demand and BBC live streams at the BBC website. Just like you need to register to stream ITV online, you also need to create an account at the BBC website. Once this is done, start watching the live streams. Sometimes you will need to open your browser in the so-called privacy mode or incognito mode, but after that, you just do the same stuff over again. If you want to see an example of how you can watch the BBC abroad with ExpressVPN in incognito mode, check the following YouTube clip.

BBC supports the highest levels of online encryption, meaning that you can surf using military-grade 256-bit AES encryption. They support split tunneling, which means that you can let your Chrome browser surf using the VPN connection, while your Microsoft Edge browser surfs without the VPN. This can be useful if you only want to use the VPN connection to bypass geo-blocks (and you do not care that much about the security opportunities that comes with the VPN).

Can I watch ITV online outside the UK on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices?

Many of our readers look for a way to watch ITV online outside the UK on their mobile devices. They might not have a Windows computer or a Macintosh nearby, but instead, they have their iPad, iPhone or an Android device or an Android TV. Is there anything that can be done if you want to stream ITV abroad on such devices?

The principles are the same, but the biggest challenge might be to actually get the ITV Hub application installed on your device. But, first, purchase the VPN subscription to one of the mentioned VPN providers, create a user at the ITV website, and do as follows:

  • If you are an Android user and cannot find the ITV Hub application in the Google Play Store, download the ITV Hub application manually from here. Install it, run it, and have fun streaming!
  • If you are an Apple user and cannot find the ITV Hub application in the Apple Store, create a new Apple ID here. Make sure to create the Apple ID with an address and postal code in the UK, and be connected to the VPN service and a server in the UK while doing so). Once this is done, open your iPhone or iPad and change the Apple ID you want to use when using the Apple Store. Log in with your new UK Apple ID. When you visit the Apple Store again, you will find ITV Hub and you can download it freely and easily!

If you have followed these instructions, you should have the ITV Hub application installed on your iPhone or iPad, or on your Android device, and you should be ready to stream ITV abroad on your given device.

Is the ITV Hub+ subscription worth the money?

I have actually bought it and used it, but I didn’t really see the value in the subscription. If you live in the EU and want to stream lots of ITV content abroad, it might be worth the money (as you will not need the VPN in most cases), but for most of us, the VPN is both cheaper and better. Not only will a VPN help you stream ITV, but you will also gain access to lots of Netflix content in other nations, it will give you access to the BBC, and it will also keep you safe and secured online.

In other words, I would say that ITV Hub+ isn’t worth the money, but that is entirely up to you to decide.

Do you need help unblocking ITV abroad?

I have tried to add as many details as possible to this article. The goal is that you shouldn’t need to search any other source for information or help, because you will find all you need in this article. If you still need help, have a question, or just want to share a personal experience, write it in the comment field beneath.

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