How to get a UK IP address?

Would you like to find a VPN service that will help you get a UK IP address? You might be far away from the UK looking at a map of the world, but it is still possible to reside virtually in the UK by getting a UK IP address. How to get one? Which is the best VPN provider giving you a UK IP address for a good price and with great speeds?

There are hundreds of VPN providers and proxy services out there, and almost all of them have servers and IP addresses available in the UK. The reason is simple – it is one of the most popular countries to reside in virtually. But, it is also important to understand that a VPN isn’t only used to get an IP address somewhere else, it is also used to stay encrypted online, in order to keep your confidential data private, instead of letting people easily hack you online.

The best VPNs if you need a UK IP address

Based on our tests, there are a couple of VPN providers that prove themselves to be better than the others when you are in need of an IP address in the UK. The reasons are their download speeds, their prices, their customer service, and also, their ability to unblock important websites and streaming services in the UK.

It is well known that BBC and ITV are blocking a lot of VPN providers with IP addresses in the UK, so if you sign up for a VPN to help you unblock such streaming services and others in the UK, make sure to sign up for one of those that actually carry the ability to unblock BBC, ITV, Channel4, and other sites.

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As you can see on the list above, ExpressVPN is the best VPN provider currently if you want to get an IP address in England. The reasons are many, but first of all, they will give you three months for free if you sign up for 12 months. In addition, they have proved themselves able to not only unblock BBC and ITV, you can also use ExpressVPN to get access to Netflix in the UK. That is something we should appreciate, as both IvacyVPN and PureVPN are unable to do such a thing.

How to get a UK IP address using any of these VPN providers?

If you want to get an IP address in the UK using any of the mentioned providers, you first need to visit their website and sign up for one of their existing packages. If you sign up for a longer period, you will get a much lower monthly fee, so it is well worth signing up for 1-year (or even longer if that is possible).

Once you have your VPN subscription in order, go to their download page and download the VPN client to your Android device, to your iOS system, to your Mac, to your Windows computer, to your Ubuntu system or whatever you might use. If you want to use your subscription directly on a router or some other system, follow the instructions given at the websites of the different VPN providers.

When you have the application ready, simply connect to a server in the United Kingdom and you have your local IP address in the UK. You are now ready to surf encrypted and to unblock websites in the UK.

Why use ExpressVPN to get a UK IP address?

As we have already mentioned, ExpressVPN will not only keep you safe online, they will also help you unblock popular streaming services such as UK Netflix, BBC, ITV, Channel4, BT Sport, NOW TV and other services. ExpressVPN has a great 30-day full refund policy which they are good at keeping, and they keep you safe online with the best encryption protocols in use. You can use one ExpressVPN subscription at several devices simultaneously, meaning that you can share your username and password with some of your best friends or family, and you can split the costs to make it even more cost-efficient. You can read more about ExpressVPN in our review.

What about PureVPN?

PureVPN is one of the old horses on the track in the VPN business. But, PureVPN didn’t have a good start, and for a long time they had a very bad reputation. But, if you visit sites such as TrustPilot, you can now see that PureVPN is back in the top, and they have a great client which is very easy to use. They make it easy to select what your purpose is, meaning that you can for example select “streaming BBC” as your purpose online. This will immediately connect you to a server in the UK which works with BBC; and you will be ready to stream BBC in the blinking of an eye.

Why use IvacyVPN to get a UK IP address?

IvacyVPN is often recognized as the fastest VPN provider on the market. They have brilliant speeds, and they also have a good 30-day full refund policy. They have won quite a lot of awards for their product, and they have very good prices.

It isn’t hard at all to get an IP address in the UK. If you have any trouble, maybe a question, or just want to share your experience using ExpressVPN, IvacyVPN, PureVPN, or some other VPN provider, write a comment and let us know what your thoughts are!

Virtually reside in London with a UK IP address
Virtually reside in London with a UK IP address

It isn’t hard at all to get an IP address in the UK. Do you have any experience using a VPN getting a UK IP address? Have you been using ExpressVPN, IvacyVPN or maybe PureVPN for the purpose? Were you satisfied with what you got? We would love to hear your thoughts, read about your experience, and give you help (if you should need any)!

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