You can now watch all six seasons of Schitt’s Creek on Netflix!

Schitt’s Creek is one of the most fantastic TV series at the moment, and it for sure one of the funniest TV series available at the moment. But, how and where can you watch Schitt’s Creek on Netflix? And, is it possible to watch all six seasons of Schitt’s Creek on Netflix?

During the Emmy Awards in 2020, Schitt’s Creek won all the awards available in the comedy section. No TV show has ever done that before. So, if you want to have a good time with lots of laughter in front of your TV screen, how can you watch Schitt’s Creek on Netflix?

For a long time, we could only watch Schitt’s Creek season 1-5 on Netflix, but since October 2020, we can also watch Schitt’s Creek season 6 on Netflix. Do you wonder how it can be done?

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Schitt’s Creek season 1-6 on Netflix

The home country of the TV series is Canada. So, could there be a better place to watch all the seasons of Schitt’s Creek on Netflix than in Canada? But, that might sound complicated if you live in South Korea, in Russia, in France, in Spain, or maybe in Brazil? Is it possible? It can be done!

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If you need further help, then you can write a comment here, or you can find lots of instructions a the website. But, it is very easy, so just download the VPN application after you have bought your subscription and connect to a server. You are ready to watch Schitt’s Creek on Netflix immediately.

What is Schitt’s Creek about?

Can you imagine a wealthy and proud family who suddenly lose everything! That is the story of Schitt’s Creek. But, the reality is that they don’t loose everything. They get to keep one thing, and that is a terrible place called Schitt’s Creek. It is a place falling apart, and now they are moving there to try to put it all together.

If you decide to join them for the trip, then you will for sure laugh a lot, smile a lot, and have a good time in front of your TV.

An imaginary scene from Schitt’s Creek

If you want to see the TV series yourself, follow the instructions. But, before you start, why not read this imaginary scene from something that could be Schitt’s Creek?

The Rose family was used to wealth. They had everything a family could ever need, and sometimes they bought objects and things they didn’t even need. They just did it for fun. That is what happened last March as well. As they drank their tea and played a game of Monopoly, the father Johnny said that he could buy a city as well, just like that. Nobody really believed him, and so the game went on and none gave Johnny’s statement any further thought!

The next day, Johnny returns back home with a contract in his hand. Here I have it! I have bought it! We are now the lucky owners of Schitt’s Creek.

The family comes running in order to find out what the father is speaking about. Is he joking? Or has he actually bought a city?

As they look at the contract, they actually see that Johnny has bought an actual place. It might not have the status of a city, but it is an area. David and Alexis, two of the kids, quickly turn to Google Earth to see what Schitt’s Creek is like, and that is when they can understand how the father could buy it. It is a terrible place. Everything is falling apart, and there are not even real streets in the place.

I will never go there! Neither will I. Both Alexis and David are sure that this is just a piece of crap, and not at all worth further attention. And so the family forget about Schitt’s Creek, and they keep on living like before.

But, then one day – all their possessions are taken from them. The Rose family has to leave their mansion, their beautiful cars, and everything. But, due to the kindness of the authorities, they get to keep one single possessions – Schitt’s Creek!

Enjoy watching Schitt’s Creek on Netflix. If you need any help or have a question, please use the comment field below. I always try to answer as quickly as possible!

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