Where to watch Ajax – Real Madrid online for free?

Ajax Amsterdam is the best team in the Netherlands (even though they are only second in the Eresdivise). On February 13th they will play against Real Madrid in the Champions League. Can the Dutch champions beat the Spanish champions?

It is quite interesting that both teams are amazing teams, but neither of them are at the top of their tables in their home divisions. Real Madrid is only third in La Liga in Spain (behind Barcelona and Atletico Madrid), while Ajax is placed second in the Netherlands behind PSV Eindhoven. But, that doesn’t make any of these bad teams, and we all know what Real Madrid is capable of doing in the Champions League. Lots of people say that Zinedine Zidane was a genious to leave Real Madrid at the time he actually left. He probably noticed that the team wasn’t as strong as when he first took over, and thus he decided to rather leave while on the top, instead of seeing Real Madrid go down together with him. As a result, many people do not consider it a surprise that Real Madrid isn’t really performing that well in La Liga in Spain, and few people would be surprised if Real Madrid ends up leaving the Champions League this year, way before the final!

But, there is something about Real Madrid and their captain Sergio Ramos. He is scoring a lot of goals himself, and they somehow manage to psyche themselves up, and thus they can beat any team once the referee blows his whistle and the matches are going!

But, what will you do as the referee blows his whistle on Amsterdam Arena in Amsterdam on February 12th? Will you be watching the match? Or maybe I should ask – where will you be watching Ajax – Real Madrid online? That is a good question, and here is the best answer if you want to watch Ajax – Real Madrid online for free!

Watch Ajax – Real Madrid for free online

Champions League football is among the hottest content for TV stations worldwide, and thus they pay a lot to get the rights to show it in their respective nations. That is why you have to pay to watch Champions League football almost everywhere. But, there is an exception, and that exception is Hungary.

The national sports channel M4 will broadcast the match between Ajax and Real Madrid online on February 13th. They always show a match whenever Champions League matches are played, making it the ideal place to watch Champions League football online for free. You can find their free live streams at www.mediaklikk.hu.

You need a VPN to watch M4 in Hungary outside Hungary

To get access to M4 in Hungary outside Hungary, you will need to use a VPN. Here are the best VPN services that will help you get a Hungarian IP address, which again will help you watch M4 all across the world.

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Select one of the VPN providers above and sign up for their services. Once you have a subscription, do as follows.

  • Download the VPN application and connect to a server in Hungary.
  • Open www.mediaklikk.hu and select ELO in the right corner (upper).
  • Choose M4 and watch the live stream showing Ajax – Real Madrid online
  • Enjoy the match and the amazing Hungarian language!

This is brilliant, and do not forget that you can later use the same VPN subscription to watch lots of other Champions League matches online (one match on every match-day, which of course includes the final and the semi-finals as well).

Why use ExpressVPN to unblock M4 in Hungary?

If you decide to use ExpressVPN to get access to M4 in Hungary, you have made a wise choice. Not only do they have an impressing 30-day money back guarantee, they will also let you use the same subscription on three devices at the same time. What does this mean for you?

If you want to, you can split the cost with two of your friends, and you can all use the same subscription at the same time, at no additional cost. One of you might stream a TV show on American Netflix, while the other one watches a French drama on TF1 in France, while you stream Ajax – Real Madrid online. Doesn’t that sound like a great combination?

ExpressVPN offers you a 256-bit AES military grade encryption, and even though you probably do not need it, you will for sure not suffer as you surf safely online using the VPN services of ExpressVPN. You can read more about ExpressVPN in this review.

Do not forget that you will get three months of ExpressVPN usage for free if you sign up for 12 months using the link above, or this link!

Will you cheer for Ajax or for Real Madrid?

Real Madrid has won the Champions League three years in a row, and they are big favorites to beat Ajax Amsterdam as well. But, the Dutch team wants to prove that they are among the best teams in Europe, and if Huntelaar and the other stars in the Ajax team can play at their best level, and even a bit more than that, they might end up winning this match 3-0.

I, The VPN Boss, am fed up with the reign of Real Madrid in Europe, and I strongly dislike Sergio Ramos, so I hope the team from Amsterdam will play great in this match (and also in the return match), and make sure that Real Madrid will leave the tournament in shame and sorrow in 2019!

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