Where do they have the cheapest Netflix subscriptions?

Do you feel like you are paying too much for your Netflix subscription? Are you looking for information about where you can pay less for your Netflix subscription? Find out where they let you watch Netflix for less than 5 USD per month!

There are big differences when it comes to how much you pay for a Netflix subscription. In the following article, you can see that the price difference between the most expensive and the cheapest country can be as much as 16 USD per month for the best Netflix package.

Would you like to know where they pay the least for a Netflix subscription? Watch the following video, or keep on reading beneath it.

The cheapest country for Netflix

The cheapest country in the world when it comes to purchasing a Netflix subscription is Ecuador and Argentina. Some people will argue that the selection is very poor, and that is why it is so cheap. But, if you consider the fact that you can purchase a Netflix subscription in these countries, and still enjoy all the content on Netflix elsewhere, then it suddenly becomes more interesting after all.

  • A Netflix basic package only costs 3,2 USD in these countries.
  • A Netflix standard package only costs 5,1 USD in these countries.
  • A Netflix premium package costs only 7,2 USD in these countries.

The Netflix premium package costs more than 23 USD in Switzerland, making it a difference of more than 16 USD.

If you want more information about the Netflix prices in different countries, click the link earlier in the article. Would you like to pay less for your Netflix subscription? Use the same link to find out how it can be done!

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