What’s the truth? Can I watch Japanese Netflix with IvacyVPN?

Have you heard about IvacyVPN? Do you have a movie or a TV series that you want to watch on Netflix in Japan? Can you use IvacyVPN to watch all the movies and TV series on Netflix in Japan, no matter where you are in the world? This is the truth!

Netflix is making it harder and harder to watch content on Netflix in other countries. Until 2016, you could use any VPN and watch all content on Netflix in other countries just by connecting to a server in a different country.

Then Netflix cracked down on most VPN services in 2016 (at the same time as the streaming service was launched worldwide). Since then it has been much harder to access and watch Netflix content elsewhere.

In 2020, they have made it even more complicated. Do you know why? They are now allowing VPN users to watch Netflix content, but only the Netflix original content. This makes many people believe that the VPN is “working” with Netflix, when it is blocked. As a result, they only see a limited version of the actual Netflix content available in that country.

netflix ivacyvpn japan

But, what is up with IvacyVPN and Netflix in Japan? What about other countries?

First of all, IvacyVPN is a very cheap VPN, something that makes it really attractive. Currently, you can buy a 5 year subscription for less than 70 USD. Want to check it out? Visit the IvacyVPN website by clicking the button below.

Now, the positive news I have to share with you right now is that IvacyVPN works with Netflix in Japan. You will not only see the Netflix original content, but you can also watch limited material like Joker, Knives Out, and lots of anime series from Japan (only available on Netflix in Japan).

Download the IvacyVPN application and connect to a server in Japan, and you are ready to watch.

You can also use IvacyVPN to watch Netflix content in the United States, France, Canada, UK, Australia, and in Germany.

They have a 30-day refund policy, so if you don’t like it, you can easily ask for a full refund.

This is my experience with IvacyVPN which is very positive when it comes to watching Japanese Netflix abroad.

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