The best VPN in France

Which is the best VPN provider in France? Which is the VPN provider that will give you the best speeds in France while keeping you safe and secure online? The VPN Boss has taken the challenge, and here he is about to give you the information that will help you find the best VPN in France!

Before we continue, we need to define “the best VPN in France.” Which is the best VPN provider in France? Is it a VPN provider that is actually seated in France, with its headquarter in France? Or is the best VPN in France the VPN provider (no matter where it is located) that has the best servers in France? If the first is the question, then I have no clue, and I will not be able to help you. But, if you are looking for the best VPN provider in France that will help you unblock French websites, that will help you get a French IP address, and that will help you surf securely with a French IP address, this article is for you!

The best VPN provider in France
The best VPN provider in France

There are more than 300 VPN providers to choose from – Which is the best for a French IP address?

Did you know that there are more than 300 VPN providers to choose from? Well, the number will decrease a bit, because not all the VPN providers on the market have IP addresses available in France. But, still – the number is big when it comes to the amount of VPN providers with actual servers available in France. So, which VPN provider should you give your vote and your money as you sign up and give it a try?

The fastest VPN provider in France

One of the most important things to consider when you sign up for a VPN in France is the actual speeds they will give you. Which is the fastest VPN provider(s) in France? I have done some testing myself, but I found this YouTube video to be really useful and helpful when it comes to finding the fastest VPN provider in France. The creator of the video tested 9 different VPN providers at three different times. He then added up the download speeds, divided them with three, and thus he could see which of the nine VPN providers had the best average speeds.

Kudos to Mudhook Marketing for the test, because their two VPN providers, StrongVPN and IPVanish ended up as the fastest VPN providers in France on the test I just referred to. But, that doesn’t mean that the other VPN providers are poor. And, if you check the video and see the speeds in question, the worst VPN provider of the test, NordVPN, had an average download speed of more than 60 Mbps, which is a very good download speed. So, all the nine VPN providers involved in the test actually provided good download speeds, and thus they can all be used and recommended.

The securest VPN provider in France

If security is of the essence, you can mostly choose and pick from the most popular VPN providers as well. They are all using the most secure protocols, including the 256-bit AES protocol, which means that you should be able to surf securely with no trouble or hackers able to interrupt and read your confidential data.

But, if security is of the essence, it might be important to choose a VPN provider that will let you pay with, for example, Bitcoin. In that way, the payment cannot be traced back to you, which will help you stay anonymous online. Luckily, all the biggest VPN providers accept payment with Bitcoin. It is, however, important to notice that they normally do not have a valid refund policy if you decide to pay with Bitcoin, simply because it is much harder to keep up with such a policy, and also because of the volatility of Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies. Imagine, if you buy a VPN provider using Bitcoin in the start of the month, only to see a giant increase in the Bitcoin price. If you, 25 days later ask for a refund of your Bitcoin payment, it might be worth 3 times more then than when you actually bought the subscription. Now, that isn’t really fair – and that is why the VPN providers do not operate with a valid money-back guarantee if you decide to pay for your subscription with cryptocurrencies.

If you wonder about the security features among the different VPN providers, it is worth knowing that most VPN providers today include features such as a kill-switch. This is really important if you want to stay safe, because if not, you might end up surfing without your VPN connection (and thus unencrypted) if your VPN connection should suddenly drop. But, if you use the kill-switch, all your Internet connection will stop if the VPN drops, and thus you will be unable to do anything until the VPN connection is restored.

If security is of the essence, you will not really need split-tunneling (a function most of the popular VPN providers offer), because you will want everything you do online to be encrypted.

The best VPN for unblocking French streaming sites

If your goal with a local French IP address is to unblock streaming sites in France, then you better read carefully. This might be the most important part of this article, and it is important that you read carefully. Because, most VPN providers will help you unblock the popular TV channels TF1 and the France 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 channels. But, if you want to get access to French Netflix, things will not be that easy anymore.

Based on the article referred to, only ExpressVPN can help you unblock Netflix at the moment. Luckily, I am well informed, and thus I have some background information that tells me that the information isn’t entirely correct. Yes, you can watch French Netflix from abroad with ExpressVPN, but there is one other VPN provider that will also help you unblock Netflix in France and that is Cyberghost VPN.

Not only will ExpressVPN and Cyberghost help you unblock French Netflix, they will also help you get access to all the other popular streaming sites in France.

The best VPN for France

So which are the best VPN providers in France? Which VPN provider should you choose as you sign up for a VPN subscription? Here are the best best VPN providers on the market that will give you a French IP address at the moment.

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The Winner – ExpressVPN

I have selected ExpressVPN as the winner, and that is simply because they have such a solid product, a fantastic customer service, and the ability to unblock Netflix and several other Netflix regions. And if you click the link above, you will also get three months for free if you sign up for their 12-months package.

As you can see from the sheet, ExpressVPN has a 30-day money back guarantee, and they also let you use the subscription at three devices at the same time. That is very useful, and it will give you flexibility and the ability to use ExpressVPN at three different devices (possibly at different locations) at the same time.

ExpressVPN supports all the important security protocols, which means that you will stay safe as you surf using ExpressVPN.

Runners-up – Cyberghost VPN

Cyberghost VPN will let you use your subscription at seven different devices. Their application is very nice and easy to use, and they make it very easy to find exactly the server that will help you unblock Netflix. Their prices are lower than those of ExpressVPN, making it a good investment if you do want a great VPN provider, but without spending the price you need to pay for the ExpressVPN subscription.

Cyberghost VPN is easy to use and you can easily activate the kill switch. What comes useful with Cyberghost VPN is that it guards you online, and whenever you connect to a WiFi network, it will ask if you want to automatically connect to a Cyberghost VPN server as you connect to that given WiFi network.

Bronze medal – StrongVPN

The fastest VPN provider in the speed test I referred to was StrongVPN. This is a very good VPN provider that is quite cheap, and they will also help you unblock a whole lot of Netflix regions (though you cannot use it to stream French Netflix).

They have a strict no-logging policy, but since they are located in the USA, they might be put pressure on in tough situations, so I wouldn’t use this is if you being anonymous is the most aspect of buying a VPN subscription.

Which is your favorite VPN provider in France?

I have just told you which VPN provider I believe to be the very best in France. But, do you agree with me? Do you have some other VPN provider that you would recommend? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

If you have a question related to the three VPN providers I have mentioned in this article, feel free to ask!

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