The best VPN for streaming His Dark Materials online

His Dark Materials is a fantastic TV series created by BBC and HBO. It premiered during fall 2019, and it received lots of praise and great critics. Are you looking for a way to stream His Dark Materials online? Which VPN can you use to stream this show on different streaming sites online?

His Dark Materials is, as mentioned in the introduction of the article, a co-production between HBO and BBC. As a result, this is a show you can stream on the websites of both the mentioned services. However, I can not guarantee that His Dark Materials will remain on BBC iPlayer forever, as they often remove content after a while. But, sometimes they keep the material online and available forever, so it is quite hard to predict. But, HBO on their side, keeps their original material available on their platform forever, so if you want to access a place where you for sure can stream His Dark Materials online, then HBO Now or your local HBO Go service should get the job done (for sure).

But, how can you get access to BBC iPlayer and/or HBO Now if you currently don’t have access to any of these services? Which VPN provider should you use for this purpose?

His Dark Materials online streaming guide
The best VPN for streaming His Dark Materials online… both on BBC and HBO

A VPN that will give you access to HBO Now and BBC iPlayer at the same time!

If you want to watch His Dark Materials, then I can warmly recommend using the VPN services of PureVPN. They are a leading VPN provider when it comes to unblocking Internet sites, streaming portals, and services such as HBO Now and BBC iPlayer.

PureVPN will make you feel safe as you sign up. You can pay for the subscription using PayPal, CreditCard, but you can also using cryptocurrencies and remain anonymous throughout the entire process. Besides keeping you safe, they also protect you with their 31-day refund policy, which means you can ask for your money back anytime during the first 31-days after you purchased a subscription.

If you have a running PureVPN subscription, you can also use it on 5 different devices at the same time. So, you can give away your credentials to other family members, or keep it running yourself at five different devices at the same time. If you want to use it on even more devices, you could consider running it directly on your router instead (which counts as one connection only).

How to watch His Dark Materials online with PureVPN

As I wrote earlier, you can stream this show on BBC iPlayer and on HBO Now. Here I will give you instructions on how you can access both streaming services with PureVPN.

His Dark Materials on HBO Now

To watch the series on HBO Now, you will need to connect to a PureVPN server in the United States. You can also look for HBO in the list of popular websites within the PureVPN application to connect to a server that for sure works with HBO Now.

After you have connected to the server, visit the HBO Now website and start streaming. If you don’t have an HBO Now subscription yet, go ahead and buy an HBO Now gift card right here. Then you re-visit the HBO Now website and redeem your gift card. You will then be ready to watch HBO Now online with your brand new HBO Now account. This also works on Android and iOS devices. If you have trouble downloading the HBO Now application from the Google Play Store, download the application manually from here.

His Dark Materials on BBC iPlayer

Open the PureVPN application and in the list of popular websites, look for BBC and connect to the server. You will now be able to visit BBC iPlayer and stream His Dark Materials online for free. This makes it a better solution than HBO Now, but I cannot guarantee that the show will remain available on BBC iPlayer in the UK forever. But if it is, then this is the best and the cheapest way.

You will need to create a free user at BBC iPlayer to watch the show. Make sure to set your location to the United Kingdom and use a ZIP code in the UK during the process.

If you have trouble finding the BBC iPlayer application for Android devices, follow the instructions in this article to find out how it can be done!

You are ready to watch His Dark Materials online! But, is it worth it?

After reading this article, you should be ready to stream His Dark Materials online. But, is it worth the price of your VPN subscription? Is it worth your precious time that will never return? I have watched the first two episodes of season 1, and I have got to say that it is way better than most of the other stuff I stream online.

As you might know, I enjoy streaming TV series, and I have written earlier about Suits season 9 and The Blacklist season 7, both shows that I have enjoyed watching and still enjoy watching. But, is His Dark Materials awesome, like Suits and The Blacklist?

First of all, His Dark Materials is completely different from Suits and The Blacklist. This is an adventure series, this is a fairy-tale story, and it will bring you back into what I would call a mixture of The Handmaid’s Tale and Harry Potter in the very same series. What do I mean?

In His Dark Materials, there are superiors in the society that control and decide what everyone can believe and think. They try to force everyone to follow their thoughts, and even though there is such as thing as scholastic freedom, this is also quite heavily controlled. In that sense, His Dark Materials reminds me of The Handmaid’s Tale.

However, His Dark Materials take place in a universe in which everyone has their own daemon. This is a character that symbolizes their very own beings, and it live together with the person. If you kill the daemon, that also means the end of the person. At the same time, there is magic, and there is a very special material, dust, that makes the scholar curious and the “ruling parts of society” angry and upset. Then there is a little girl who tries to find out what it is all about, and her path is packed with challenges, disappointments, lies, and persons she is unable to know if she can trust or not.

I have greatly enjoyed the first two episodes, and I look forward to streaming the last two episodes of His Dark Materials season 1. I am currently watching it on HBO, simply because I have a subscription, but if I didn’t, I would most likely have streamed it on BBC iPlayer instead.

What are your thoughts of His Dark Materials?

Have you seen the first season of this BBC/HBO show? How did you like it? Do you need help using PureVPN to stream His Dark Materials online? Write a comment and I will do my best to help you out as quickly as possible!

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