My experience with Unlocator in 2021

Unlocator is a SmartDNS and VPN service registered in Denmark. It is very easy to use, and they have thousands of users. But, is Unlocator a good solution in 2021? Is Unlocator good for streaming TV series and movies online? Is Unlocator good for torrenting? Is Unlocator good for encrypting your online activities?

Unlocator probably lived its finest days before 2016. It was mostly a service used by many to stream content on TV networks and streaming sites online. It was extremely easy to watch Netflix content in 20-30 countries with Unlocator, and you could also watch all sorts of TV networks with the service.

But, then came 2016 and Netflix went worldwide. A few months later, they blocked 95% of all VPN, proxy, and SmartDNS services. Unlocator suffered. Netflix was the biggest advantage they had, and now it didn’t work.

Unlocator review

Unlocator in 2021

Since then, Unlocator has improved the look of their VPN client, and made the VPN service a much bigger part of their product. They still have a SmartDNS service, and you can purchase a subscription to only the SmartDNS service if you only want to use Unlocator to stream content online.

Would you like to combine encryption and streaming? Then you should purchase the VPN + SmartDNS package instead.

Unlocator is very convenient to use. Normally you have to connect to a VPN server in the UK to watch BBC online. If you want to watch Hulu or Amazon Prime in the United States, you need to connect to a VPN server in the United States.

With Unlocator, it is different!

When you use the VPN services of Unlocator, they automatically include the SmartDNS service. They call it Unlocator Hybrid. If you live in Germany, you can connect to any server, and still watch BBC and ITV in the UK, NBC, CBS, Hulu, and Amazon Prime in the USA, and NRK in Norway (and many others). This is because the SmartDNS service is directly running within the VPN service.

This means that you don’t have to experience heavy speed losses by connecting to servers far away. Instead, you can connect to a server which is fast (and near to your location) and enjoy all the unblocking abilities at the same time.

This is the big advantage of UnlocatorVPN.

Unlocator application VPN

Unlocator pricing

Unlocator is a service with quite average pricing. It isn’t very cheap, but it isn’t very expensive either. The cheapest is to purchase a SmartDNS subscription only, but if you want to combine SmartDNS and VPN, you will get most value if you purchase a subscription for a longer time.

But, there is one other great thing about Unlocator. You can try it for free for seven days.

This is actually quite amazing. You do not have to enter any payment details as you sign up. It is enough to confirm your email address, and you can give Unlocator a try for seven days. If you want to continue after that, that is when you will have to add a payment method to your subscription. That is actually quite fantastic!

If you want to try Unlocator, press the link above. They have servers in more than 70 countries, and very good support. They also have detailed instructions on how to setup their SmartDNS service on your router, your computer, your mobile, and other devices. If you use their VPN service, no setup is needed, as the VPN application will solve all your problems!

Have you used Unlocator? How did you like the service? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments!

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