Is Les Miserables and The Phantom of the Opera on Netflix?

I am looking for the musical versions of Les Miserables and The Phantom of the Opera on Netflix. I do not want to watch the movies, but the real musicals. Are they anywhere to be found on Netflix?

After looking for information on the topic on the Internet (and on Netflix), I have found an answer to your question. It is quite easy to find the movies of both the musicals on Netflix, but if you want to watch the actual musicals, it is much more complicated. In fact, you can only stream them in one single country, just like you can only watch the Downton Abbey movie on Netflix in one single country.

Les Miserables on Netflix
Les Miserables on Netflix

You can find quite a lot of answers and information in the following Reddit community, but here I will share the answer with you quickly.

Watch The Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables on Netflix

You can watch both the musicals on Netflix in South Korea. These are not the movies, but it is actual recordings from a performance of The Phantom of the Opera in the Royal Albert Hall in London, and a recording of the 25th anniversary performance of Les Miserables in the O2 Arena in London.

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