Is it possible to watch Danish Netflix (the content on Netflix in Denmark) outside Denmark?

Have you ever read about a Danish movie that you would love to watch, but it can only be seen on Netflix in Denmark? Or is there some Hollywood blockbuster movie that you would like to watch, but once again, it can only be seen on Netflix in Denmark? Or are you from Denmark, but currently you are on a trip to India, and you would like to watch one of the series on Netflix that you were watching at home before you left the country? Is it possible to watch Danish Netflix outside Denmark?

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I have written lots of articles about Netflix. Sometimes I write about new movies and TV series on the platform, sometimes I write reviews, while other times I write about how you can use a VPN to access content on Netflix in other countries. That is why I know how you can watch American Netflix, Canadian Netflix, Dutch Netflix, Japanese Netflix, Australian Netflix, Indian Netflix, and so much more, even though you reside in a different country.

But until now, I haven’t had any idea about how you can stream the content on Danish Netflix outside the borders of Denmark. However, I just found a solution. If you want to watch a Danish movie or some other content on Danish Netflix, this is your chance!

How to watch Danish Netflix abroad!

If you want to watch Danish Netflix abroad, there are two things that you need to know.

  1. If your Netflix subscription is registered in an EU country, then you have to read these instructions.
  2. If your Netflix subscription isn’t registered in an EU country, just follow the instructions below.

Let’s get started!

You need to make Netflix believe that you are located in Denmark. This means that you will have to change your IP address in order to get a Danish IP address. It might sound complicated, but it isn’t. The solution is to use a VPN service named Surfshark.


It is very important to use Surfshark. There are lots of other VPN services with servers in Denmark, but they are all blocked by Netflix. In other words, the only VPN that will really let you stream the content on Netflix in Denmark is Surfshark.

  • Once you have purchased a Surfshark subscription, download their VPN client and install it on all of your devices on which you want to watch Netflix content.

Surfshark has a 30-day refund policy, so if you don’t like it, ask for a full refund. They have apps available for all the big platforms, meaning that you can use them on your computers, telephones, tablets, and even on your smart TV.

  • Run the application and connect to a server in Denmark.

It is really easy, and below you can see a picture of me as I am connected to a Surfshark server in Denmark.

danmark netflix
  • Open the Netflix website and find the content you are looking for!

You are now ready to watch Danish Netflix all across the world. It is really easy.

What to watch on Danish Netflix?

What are you going to watch on Netflix in Denmark? There are lots of awesome titles, but first of all, it is interesting for those who want to watch a lot of Danish content. If I had to choose three movies to watch on Danish Netflix, then it would be the Department Q series. This is a series of movies about two detectives solving old cases in Copenhagen (and in the area). These are fantastic movies, so I can warmly recommend them to anyone (who is older than 16 years old).

Look around, and have a wonderful time as you stream all the content available on Danish Netflix.

What will happen if I use a different VPN?

Maybe you will feel tempted to use a different VPN instead. Maybe you have found a cheaper VPN with servers in Denmark? It might be tempting to try such a service, but if you use such a service, then you will either receive a VPN error message whenever you try to watch content on Danish Netflix, or you will suddenly see a shrunk version of Netflix showing Netflix original content only (and not all the content available on Danish Netflix only).

The easiest way to find out if your VPN is blocked by Netflix in Denmark is to search for some original Danish content. If all you can see is Netflix’s original content, then the VPN is detected, and you are “blocked” from the great content on Netflix in Denmark. If you can see all the movies and TV series on Netflix in Denmark, then go ahead and try to stream the content. You will most likely see a VPN error message because Netflix is blocking the IP address provided by your VPN provider.

That is why it is important to use Surfshark if you want to watch Danish Netflix without errors or further trouble!

I hope you have enjoyed this article. If you still have comments or questions, please write them down and I will do my best to help! You can find lots of other Netflix-related articles at

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