Is it possible to stream Horimiya on Netflix?

Horimiya is a Japanese anime series, and it can now be seen on Netflix. But, you cannot find it on Netflix, unless you live in Japan. So, what can you do if you live in Europe, in Asia, in Africa, or maybe in Australia, and you would like to watch Horimiya on Netflix. Is there a way to watch Japanese Netflix and Horimiya on Netflix outside Japan? Yes!

It is actually quite easy to watch Horimiya on Netflix. I have just seen a YouTube video showing how to watch Horimiya on Netflix, and it is really easy. This is what you need to do!

horimiya on netflix

Horimiya on Netflix in 1, 2, 3

It is really easy, so just follow these steps and you can watch Horimiya on Netflix in Japan in a few minutes!

Purchase a VPN subscription to NordVPN

You need to use the VPN services of NordVPN to watch content on Japanese Netflix abroad. This VPN can also be used to watch Netflix content in the USA, in Canada, in the Netherlands, and in the UK.


Click the button above to get a big NordVPN discount. They have a 30-day refund policy, and one subscription can be used on six devices at the same time. NordVPN has VPN applications available for all the big platforms, and can also be used on Android TV, FireTV, and more.

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Download and start the NordVPN application

The next step is to download and to start the NordVPN application. This is really easy and you can easily install it on your telephone, tablet, and smartTV as well, in addition to your computer.

NordVPN windows
The NordVPN application for Windows

When you have the application ready, search for Japan and click the button to connect to the server. This will give you a local IP address in Japan, and Netflix will now believe that you are in Japan.

From the moment you click the button, it should take a few seconds for the connection to be made. Once you are connected, all your data is encrypted by the VPN protocol, and you have just made it way harder for anyone to spy on your activities and to steal your data online.

Watch Horimiya on Netflix

The final step is to visit or to open your Netflix application. Since you are connected to a NordVPN server in Japan, you will now see all the content of Japanese Netflix, including Horimiya.

horimiya netflix

During the time of writing this article, the first season of Horimiya is available on Netflix in Japan. Unfortunately, it is only available in Japanese (currently), but that might change in the near future.


I hope these instructions have helped you. Enjoy streaming Horimiya on Netflix. If you have any comments or questions, please write them down and I will do my best to answer.

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