How to watch the movie Nobody with Bob Odenkirk on Netflix?

You might know Bob Odenkirk from Better Call Saul, a series for which he has won several prizes and in which he got his international breakthrough. Since then, he has also been a part of The Incredibles 2, Fargo, and he is the main character in the movie Nobody from 2021. Would you like to stream the movie Nobody starring Bob Odenkirk on Netflix?

Bob Odenkirk plays the role of Hutch Mancell in the movie Nobody. Hutch is a traditional family father who lives a boring life, and nothing seems to work the way it should. One night burglars come to their house, but Hutch doesn’t do much to get rid of them. But, this episode still ignites something in Hutch from which we get to know him in a very different way than before. The reality is that Hutch has a past of which nobody knows much, but as it comes to the surface, the wife, kids, and everyone else suddenly discover that he is a serious fighting machine with a background in the army. And as the Russians suddenly discover his whereabouts, they also come to pay our friend Hutch a visit.

Have you ever dreamt of jumping off the boring everyday life and becoming an action hero? That is almost what’s happening to Bob Odenkirk in his role as Hutch Mancell in Nobody. Would you like to see it with your own eyes? You can stream the movie on Netflix.

Watch Nobody (2021) on Netflix.

This movie is available on Netflix in a few countries, including South Korea, Hungary, Poland, and a few others. What can you do if you live in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, or maybe Japan? Do you have to wait many months or years for Nobody to come to Netflix in your country? It is possible, but it isn’t necessary!

To watch Nobody on Netflix, purchase a VPN subscription to a service named Surfshark. This is the number one VPN for Netflix. What makes Surfshark better than other VPN providers? The service can be used to watch Netflix content in nearly 20 countries. Not only can you watch content on South Korean Netflix, but you can also watch American, Japanese, Dutch, Canadian, Swedish, and more.


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Do the following.

  • Purchase a Netflix subscription (if you do not have one yet).
  • Purchase a Surfshark subscription.
  • Download and install Surfshark on your phone, computer, or tablet.
  • Run the Surfshark application and connect to a server in South Korea.
  • Go to and search for Nobody.
  • Watch Nobody on Netflix.

That’s it. You are now ready to watch Nobody on Netflix and you do not have to wait for months or years for the movie to come to Netflix in your country. This is a great movie with lots of action. It has a 7,5/10 rating on IMDb, which is a good rating for an action movie like this. The movie has a 94% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. The critics’ score is “only” 84%. No matter what, those are fantastic numbers! You have something to look forward to as you pop your popcorn and bring a cold drink to watch this movie on Netflix.

A short wrap-up on Rotten Tomatoes says the following:

Grab some popcorn, action fans — if you’re in the mood for creative stunts and a funny, violent, fast-paced story, Nobody delivers.

Are you ready? Enjoy streaming this and other movies on Netflix. If you have comments or questions, write them below!

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