How to watch Super Bowl online if you live outside the United States?

The Super Bowl is one of the most popular sports events in the world every single year. It isn’t an event only for sports freaks, as it is well known also for its half-time show in which famous and popular artists perform. But, if you live outside the United States, it can sometimes be hard to find a decent place to stream Super Bowl online. That is why I have written this article, to help you find a way to watch Super Bowl online. Keep on reading, and you will be ready to watch the Super Bowl in a few minutes from now!

Unfortunately, not many TV networks broadcast Super Bowl in Europe, Asia, Africa, and elsewhere. But, there are a few exceptions, and to stream Super Bowl online, you need access to one of those. Here I will show you the easiest way to watch Super Bowl online on BBC in the UK.


Watch Super Bowl online on BBC in the UK

BBC is a fantastic TV channel and they are producing some of the best TV series in the world. But, the network is also a fan of sports, and that is why BBC often ends up showing the FIFA World Cup online and other big sports events online… and yes, you can also watch the Super Bowl on BBC.

But, if you try to watch BBC outside the UK, you will see an error message telling you that the stream is unavailable. How can you fix that? As quickly as possible? After all, Super Bowl is starting soon!

bbc error
BBC iPlayer only works in the UK

Now, what can you do to watch Super Bowl on BBC iPlayer in the UK? Here I will show it to you in some quick steps. If you follow these, you should be able to watch available programs and BBC live streams (also the one showing Super Bowl online) in 6-7 minutes.


Watch Super Bowl on BBC, also outside the UK

The first you need is to purchase a VPN subscription. This will help you disguise yourself online, and it will also make you able to get an IP address in the United Kingdom. As a result, BBC will believe that you are in the UK, instead of at your actual location.

It is important to use one of the recommended VPN services, because if not, you might end up seeing different error messages, even though you have a local IP address in the UK. This is because BBC is blocking most VPN providers, with the exception of a few.

Which VPN should you use to watch Super Bowl on BBC iPlayer? My suggestion is that you use either SurfsharkVPN or ExpressVPN. These are both fantastic VPN providers with lots of servers, and they are excellent for streaming BBC and other TV networks and streaming services.


SurfsharkVPN is the cheapest of the two VPN services. This is a great service, and if you click the button above, you will receive a major discount giving you a two year subscription for the price of one. SurfsharkVPN can also be used to watch Netflix content in more than 15 countries and so much more.


ExpressVPN might be the fastest VPN services on the market. It is a bit more expensive than SurfsharkVPN, but if you click the button above and purchase a 12-months plan, you will receive 3 additional months for free. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee and one subscription can be used on five devices at the same time.

Watch Super Bowl online – step by step!

  • Purchase a VPN subscription to either SurfsharkVPN or ExpressVPN. Click the buttons above to get nice discounts on both services.
  • Download the VPN application of your selected VPN provider to your computer.
  • Run the application and connect to a server in the UK.
  • Visit BBC iPlayer in your browser.
  • Create a new user (if you do not have a BBC user registered yet). It is completely free. It is important that you use a ZIP code in the UK during the registration process. L1 0AX and L1 1DA are two examples of ZIP codes in the uK.
  • Find the BBC live stream and watch Super Bowl online.
super bowl online

If you want to watch Super Bowl on your TV and not on your computer, why not stretch an HDMI cable from your computer to your TV? That will make you able to see the full match on your TV as it shows the exact events happening on your computer screen? This is just one of many ways to show the match on your actual TV if you don’t want to watch it on your computer.


I have tried to explain it in very easy words how you can watch Super Bowl online on BBC in the United Kingdom. I hope you have followed my instructions and that you are ready to watch Super Bowl online already.

If you have any comments or questions, please use the comment field below and I will do my best to answer and to help you!

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