How to watch Manifest season 2 online for free?

Manifest is a TV show produced by NBC in the United States. It premiered in the autumn of 2018, and it has received much praise. Manifest reminds many of us of Lost, but it has a quite different story, since the passengers return to the normal world, just five years after the flight originally had its take-off.

The second season of Manifest premiered on NBC in January 2020, and people have been waiting for it since the interesting season finale of season 1 in May 2019. But, what can you do if you haven’t seen any single Manifest episode yet, but you have had it recommended to you, and now you are looking for a way to watch Manifest season 2 online? This is how it can be done!

You can watch Manifest season 1 on NBC in the United States
Are you looking for a way to stream Manifest season 1 online?

Watch Manifest season 2 online

To watch the first season of Manifest on the Internet, use one of the selected VPN services. These are the best VPN providers on the market at the moment, and they will all make you able to stream Manifest online.

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There you have the best VPN services available in 2020. We recommend signing up with one of these, and you can later use the same VPN service to unblock lots of other great content online. Look around here at for more information about what a VPN can do for you.

With your VPN in order, this is how to stream Manifest season 2 online

It is important to tell you, that we do not recommend scam sites, torrent sites, and illegal sites. We only recommend valid sites where you can stream Manifest online legally. This is how it is done.

Since Manifest is an NBC series, you can currently stream all the episodes of Manifest season 2 on the NBC website. To watch it, you need to live in the USA, or use one of the mentioned VPN providers. When this is in order, do like this.

  1. Connect to a VPN server in the USA using the VPN provider of your choice.
  2. Restart your browser.
  3. Visit and look for Manifest.
  4. You can now stream all the episodes of Manifest season 1 on NBC in the USA.

If you do not like this method, you can also stream Manifest on 9Now in Australia. This is a bit more complicated, and they do not have all the episodes of season 1 available on their website. For more information on how you can stream 9Now outside Australia, click the link.

When will Manifest come to Netflix?

We have no clue about this, but it will most likely get to Netflix within half-a-year after it is finished airing on NBC (if it will come at all). But, since Manifest isn’t available on lots of TV channels worldwide, this for sure has the potential to be streamed on Netflix in a lot of regions quite soon.

What else can you do with your VPN?

Maybe you consider it to be expensive buying a VPN subscription only to stream Manifest season 1 online? It might be, but it is worth it, also if your only goal is to stream the first season… it is really cool! But, there is so much more you can do. If you sign up for ExpressVPN, the VPN provider listed at the top of our list of VPN providers at the moment, you can also use their services to unblock TV channels such as BBC and ITV online. They can also be used to get access to American Netflix, and quite a lot of other regions. It is no wonder why we feature ExpressVPN on our list of the best VPN providers that will help you unblock Netflix.

ExpressVPN also gives you military-grade encryption, which will help you feel safe and protected online. You can even use your subscription at several devices at the same time, meaning that you can split the cost with some friends and use the same subscription easily.

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