How to watch CBS All Access/Paramount+ on Android with a VPN? How to watch CBS/Paramount+ abroad?

Are you looking for a way to stream CBS All Access and other CBS content on your mobile phone or tablet while using a VPN? Are you looking for a VPN that isn’t blocked by CBS? Or are you looking for a way to watch CBS abroad? Here I will help you download the CBS application to your Android device, and later to be able to stream all the content that you are interested in.

CBS is a fantastic TV network in the United States. CBS All Access is the name of their very own streaming service at which you can watch full seasons of programs, original CBS All Access productions, where you can stream Champions League football, and so much more. But, how can you watch CBS All Access on an Android phone outside the USA? And which VPN can you use with CBS that isn’t registered and blocked by CBS?

CBS All Access will be called Paramount+ from March 2021.

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You cannot watch CBS in your mobile browser

It would be nice if you could watch CBS content in your browser on your Android tablet or phone. But, it is impossible. You are required to use the CBS or the CBS All Access application for this to work. But, what if you cannot find the CBS application in the Google Play Store? Why is that?

You will only be able to find the CBS and the CBS All Access applications in Google Play Store if you are in the USA and your Google account is registered in the USA.

In other words, you need to download the CBS application in some other way. The easiest way is to manually download the installation file (.apk file) and install it. Your Android device might warn you against installing applications from unknown sources, but you just need to accept the warnings and proceed.

I don’t like the CBS All Access application that much, so I prefer the normal CBS application, but that decision is entirely up to you.

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When you have installed the CBS application

After you have installed the CBS application, you need to purchase a VPN subscription to a VPN that will give you an American IP address, and that will let you watch CBS content without being blocked. Most VPN services are blocked by CBS, and that is why it is important to use a VPN that is functioning properly with CBS.

My two suggestions for VPN services to use with CBS are NordVPN and ExpressVPN. Click the buttons below to visit their websites and to get a nice discount with both of them.


NordVPN is the cheapest of the two VPN providers. It works very well with CBS both on Android, iOS, and Windows computers. It can also be used to stream Netflix content in 5 countries, and to watch lots of other TV networks and streaming services. They have a 30-day full refund policy, and you can use one subscription on six devices at the same time!


ExpressVPN has servers in almost 100 countries, and is fantastic for streaming. It works with CBS on all platforms, and it also gives access to Netflix in 8 countries, and to BBC, ITV, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and lots of other websites and services. You can use one subscription on five devices at the same time, and they also have a full refund policy. If you click the button above and purchase a 12-months plan, you will receive 3 additional months for free as a gift!


CBS on Android – unblocked!

After you have purchased your VPN subscription, download the VPN application to your Android phone or tablet (or TV) and run the application. Connect to a server in the USA. When this is done, open your CBS application. You can now see all the content and watch the content.

If you do not have a CBS All Access user yet, then you can create one and you can pay for your subscription using your local Google account.

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That is it. You can now watch CBS All Access on your Android device. If you live in the USA, use one of the VPN providers recommended to watch CBS while securing your Internet connection with a VPN. If you live abroad, use the VPN to look like an American and to be allowed access to all the fantastic programs available on CBS All Access.


My favorite CBS programs at the moment

First of all, do not forget that there are lots of movies included with your CBS All Access subscription as well. Currently, the three first Indiana Jones movies are all available (and they are fantastic), there is a Charlie’s Angels movie, and also some great Star Trek movies. But, I guess most people subscribe to CBS All Access because of the TV series available.

I am not a big fan of Big Brother, but Michael Weaverly is doing a very good job in his CBS series named Bull. I also like James Cordon as a talk-show host, and especially when he grabs the microphone to sing with his guests. Besides that, I like crime series, so FBI and the different NCIS series are all favorites of mine.

But, since I like to laugh, then I would of course love to watch The Young Sheldon, The Unicorn, and other similar shows.

In other words, there are lots of fantastic content waiting for you in the CBS application on your Android device. I hope these instructions will help you get access to all of it, no matter where you might be in the world.

If you need help or have any questions, please write a comment and I will do my best to help!

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