How to get an Italian IP address?

Are you looking for a way to get an Italian IP address? Would you like to watch a TV program on Rai outside Italy? Or do you want to watch other content online? Would you like to read the posts in a forum only available to people in Italy?

I don’t know why you want to get an IP address in Italy. But, I can tell you how to get a local IP address in Italy. It is very easy, and you can surf with an IP address in Rome or some other Italian city in a few minutes from now.

Italian IP address

How to change your IP address?

To change your IP address, you need to send your Internet traffic through a VPN tunnel. When you do that, all your traffic will seem to come from the VPN server you are connected to, and not from your original location. As a result, if you connect to a VPN server in Italy, you will get an Italian IP address. As a consequence, all websites will believe that you are located in Italy.

But, there are so many VPN providers out there. Which one should you choose?

The best VPN services for Italy

If you want to get an Italian IP address as quickly as possible, choose one of the following VPN providers.

PureVPN – A cheap solution

PureVPN is a VPN provider with servers in more than 100 different nations. When you purchase a subscription, you will immediately be able to connect to all their servers at once. They have no bandwidth limitations, and you can use one subscription at five devices at the same time.

PureVPN can be used to watch Rai outside Italy, and it can also be used to watch American Netflix, to stream BBC in the UK, and so much more.


PureVPN has a 31-day money-back guarantee available. That is the longest in the VPN industry. They also have some of the cheapest prices, so this is a good solution for those who want an Italian IP address quickly.

When you have purchased your VPN subscription
After you have bought your VPN subscription, download the VPN application and connect it to a server in Italy. You will then get an Italian IP address immediately. It is smart to restart your browser after you have connected with the VPN application.

The Italian Flag

SurfsharkVPN – One more cheap solution

SurfsharkVPN is very cheap, at least if you purchase their 2-year plan. This will let you connect to their servers in Italy quickly. Surfshark has servers in more than 50 countries, and they are the best VPN for Netflix (currently). With a subscription to SurfsharkVPN, you can get access to content on Netflix in almost 15 countries, including in the United States, in Canada, in the UK, in Italy, in France, in Germany, in Japan, in India, and several other countries. Surfhark will also help you watch Hulu, Amazon Prime, BBC, ITV, and several other streaming services.


Surfshark has beautiful applications for all important platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Macintosh, and Windows. They have a 30-day full-refund policy.

ExpressVPN – An expensive, but super-fast solution!

Would you like to get an Italian IP address and surf with amazing speeds at the same time? ExpressVPN is the best solution for you. This is a VPN provider based in the British Virgin Islands. They are popular because of their speeds, and many consider this to be the best VPN provider in general for unblocking websites. They work with Netflix in 8-10 countries, and they are able to unblock almost any other website out there.

ExpressVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee. They have applications for all platforms, and they also have browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome. One ExpressVPN subscription can be used on five devices simultaneously.

It is easy to get an Italian IP address

It is really easy to get an IP address in Italy. Purchase a subscription to one of the mentioned VPN providers, and you will get your Italian IP in a few minutes. All the VPN services have money-back guarantees, so there is no risk involved in trying.

Do not forget that you can use the VPN subscription to surf encrypted, to download content from Torrent sites, to watch Netflix in several countries, and to check your Internet bank safely, even when using open WiFi networks.

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