How can I watch SVTPlay outside Sweden?

SVT is the most popular TV network in Sweden. Here you can watch original productions, and here you can also watch TV series and movies, and other content created outside Sweden. This is the most popular TV network in Sweden for news and sports, and they have also created popular TV series such as Caliphate (which can be seen on Netflix as well in many countries right now). But, what can you do to watch SVT outside Sweden?

Let us imagine that I would like to watch Kalifat on SVTPlay. If I visit the website, I will see the following error message.

Programmet kan bara ses i Sverige.
Programmet kan bara ses i Sverige.

The message is clear. The program can only be streamed in Sweden. This is true about most other TV series, programs, and movies available on SVTPlay as well. Is there a way to fix this? Is there a way to watch SVT outside Sweden?

Maybe you are afraid of complicated solutions that require you to have a lot of technical skills? You do not have to worry anymore. It is really easy, and I will explain to you right now how it can be done!

Is it possible to watch SVT outside Sweden? Yes!

Whenever you visit a website, you leave your little name card with information and data about yourself to the website. This will normally include information such as your browser, your operating system, your IP address, and your location. The reality is, your location is revealed based on your IP address. If you would manage to change your IP address, then you would also be able to change your location. But, what is this and how can it be done?

A VPN is a perfect way to change your IP address. This is something used by millions of people every single day, with the number increasing daily due to more and more people working from home due to COVID-19. A VPN will encrypt your data and send it all through an encrypted VPN tunnel to a VPN server before it reaches the websites you visit.

When you are connected to a VPN server in Sweden and visit SVTPlay, your name card will not include your current IP address and location (somewhere else in the world), but instead, it will show the IP address and the location of the VPN server in Sweden. It might sound complicated still, but I have only described the theory so far. Let me show you how this works in real life.

An example showing how you can watch SVTPlay outside Sweden

There are many VPN services available, but not all of them are as good as the others. That is why I would like to recommend that you use the VPN services of NordVPN if you want to watch SVTPlay outside Sweden.

  • The first step is to visit the NordVPN website and to purchase a NordVPN subscription.

NordVPN has a 30-day full refund policy, so if you don’t like it, you can easily ask for a refund.

  • Download the NordVPN application and connect to a server in Sweden.
I have connected to a server in Sweden. Now I only have to restart my browser for this to work.
I have connected to a server in Sweden. Now I only have to restart my browser for this to work.
  • Visit
  • Watch all the content that you are interested in on
SVT online
It is working… I am able to watch SVT abroad.

It is even easier than it sounds. And you can use the same method to watch NRK in Norway, DR in Denmark, in the United States, BBC in the UK, Rai in Italy, ZDF, in Germany, and lots of other TV networks and streaming services worldwide. In fact, you can connect to servers in Japan, the Netherlands, in the UK, in Canada, and in the United States, and you will immediately see the content available on Netflix in those given countries. Do not be fooled, there are big differences when it comes to what content can be seen on Netflix in different countries, so make sure to check it out if you purchase a NordVPN subscription.

These instructions are also valid for those who want to watch live programs on SVTPlay. This is useful if you want to watch your favorite program live on SVT, or if you want to watch sports events online, like the Summer Olympics, the Winter Olympics, the FIFA World Cup, the European Championship in football, or some other similar event.

I hope these instructions have helped you and that you are ready to watch SVT abroad. If you still have any comments or questions, please write them in the comment field below.

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