How can I watch Everything Everywhere All at Once on Netflix?

One of the most fantastic movies released in 2022 was Everything Everywhere All at Once. The movie was nominated for many Oscars and became a big success. Would you like to stream this movie on Netflix? How can you watch this and other movies on Netflix if they are unavailable in your country?

Everything Everywhere All at Once is on Netflix in one country. You read that right.. It cannot be found on Netflix in the Netherlands, Japan, India, the United States, Canada, or in Mexico. If you travel to Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, you can watch it as Turkey is the only country worldwide where this movie is on Netflix.

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Why Turkey? There are so many other countries worldwide. Why did Everything Everywhere All at Once end up on Netflix in Turkey? That is a good question and it is impossible to answer. What we do know is that there are lots of movies on Netflix in Turkey that isn’t found elsewhere. I have written articles about the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit trilogy, both available on Netflix in Turkey. You can also stream popular movies such as Interstellar, Knives Out, Parasite, Warcraft, Troy, Gladiator, and hundreds of other amazing movies in the country.

What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for someone to tell you how to watch Turkish Netflix abroad? Keep on reading!

Watch all the content on Turkish Netflix, including Everything Everywhere All at Once on Netflix!

You don’t have to travel to Istanbul or to Marmaris to watch Turkish Netflix elsewhere. You only need a VPN subscription to NordVPN, which is awesome for streaming Netflix content in more than ten countries worldwide.


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NordVPN is registered in Panama. The VPN service has servers in more than 60 countries, and you can use one subscription on six devices simultaneously. If you are a Netflix fan and have some family members who love it too, why don’t you share the subscription with them? You can watch fantastic movies on Turkish Netflix on your phone. At the same time, your brother streams a movie on American Netflix on his iPad, while your father and mother stream The Good Doctor on Netflix in Australia on their Android TV. To keep your annoying little sister quiet, you use the VPN on your computer and connect to a server in the United Kingdom. Now your little sister can be quiet watching Peppa Pig on Netflix in the United Kingdom or some other children’s program on BBC iPlayer.

The opportunities are endless with NordVPN. Not only can you access content worldwide, but it also protects you against hackers, malware-infected websites, and much more.

Let us take it step-by-step!

Step 1: Buy a Netflix subscription.

The first thing you need is a Netflix subscription. If you already have one, go to step two.

Step 2: Buy a NordVPN subscription.

If you haven’t done it yet, visit the NordVPN website and purchase a subscription. You get the best price if you purchase a one-year or two-year subscription. You don’t need a password manager or cloud storage to access Turkish Netflix, but both are great services if you need a password manager or some additional cloud storage.

Step 3: Download and install NordVPN on your device.

Now you can download the NordVPN application and install it on your Android devices, iOS devices, Macintosh, FireTV, Windows computer, Linux computer, or whatever you use to stream Netflix content. The application is easy to install and even easier to use.

Step 4: Connect to a NordVPN server in Turkey.

Connect to a server in Turkey within the NordVPN application. This will give you a Turkish IP address and make you ready to stream Turkish Netflix immediately.

Search for Everything Everywhere All at Once and find some popcorn. You are ready to watch this and lots of other fantastic Netflix content!

turkish netflix content

Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert directed the movie. They were both nominated for an Oscar for their job on this movie. Doesn’t that sound great? If you want to watch an actual movie that won many Oscar statues, search for the movie Parasite, which is on Turkish Netflix. Would you like even more Oscar statues? Stream The Lord of the Rings trilogy on Netflix.

Is Everything Everywhere All at Once worth the time and the money?

Maybe you have read this article and now wonder if it is worth the time and the money. Often movies nominated for Oscar statues are crappy, only made for the professionals to like them (who said La La Land), while the average viewer is bored to death. Is that so with this movie as well?

For the sake of research, I visited both IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes to see what other viewers think of this movie. It was interesting to see the results.

  • Based on nearly 300,000 ratings, Everything Everywhere All at Once scores 8,0/10 on IMDb.
  • Based on nearly 350 professional ratings, the movie has a 95% score on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Based on more than 2500 verified ratings, the audience score on Rotten Tomatoes is 89%.

Honestly, those are incredible numbers, and it makes me convinced that this is a movie actually worth watching. If you haven’t watched it yet, go ahead and stream it on Netflix today. The movie might be added in more countries later, or maybe it will come to Disney+, HBO Max, or Hulu instead. it is hard to predict, so go ahead and stream it on Netflix in Turkey today instead of waiting.

Have you seen the movie? Did you like it? Write a comment and let me hear your thoughts. If you have questions about how to stream the movie on Turkish Netflix, use the comment field, and I will answer as quickly as possible.

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