Cheap products that will make your coronavirus isolation funnier!

The world is in quarantine. We are isolated from one another, and we are stuck inside with the same people all day. Are you looking for an activity that will cheer you up? Here you have some cheap products that will help you enjoy your days in isolation.

Some people are living in isolation all alone. Other people are together with their spouse, while some are stuck with their family, including all their annoying sisters and brothers. But, what can you do in such situations when you have watched all the movies and TV series you are interested in on Netflix? Here you have some ideas for cool products that will make your coronavirus quarantine funnier.

Products that will help you while in isolation

Create a potato farm at home

Would you like to become a farmer during your quarantine? Buy a bag that will help you grow potatoes on your balcony or in your garden. It will not require much space, but it will help you get some good potatoes that you can eat in some months from now.


Buy a super-cheap greenhouse

Since I have already discussed growing potatoes at home, why not purchase a cheap greenhouse and plant tomatoes, cucumbers, and flowers at home? You don’t have to buy a big greenhouse. You can buy a small plastic container that gives home to seeds and small pieces of soil. It is fun, and it will keep you busy watching out for your new babies every day.

Eat home-made chocolate

Many people eat more sweets because of the quarantine than they normally do. Why not spice it up and create your own chocolate? Buy some chocolate molds, and create your own pralines or chocolate bars? It can easily be done using polycarbonate molds or silicone molds.


Paint a Van Gogh at home

Are you a creative person? Would you like to try to paint a Van Gogh picture in your own home? Or would you like for your kids to paint? There are many pictures available that you can paint at home using paint and the instructions given through numbers. It is fun, it is creative, and it will keep you busy for many hours.

Van Gogh

Play some cool card games

Cards games is a cool way to keep the family busy. If you want to buy some cheap games that will keep the entire family busy, buy Dobble or Dixit. You can find both games on AliExpress, so click the links below. They are very easy to play, and they are suitable for kids aged 4 or older. But, even though kids can play them, they are fantastic for adults as well.

Buy cheap lego from China

Lots of illegal LEGO has been produced in China, but it is getting better now. However, you can still buy 100% legal lego bricks from Chinese producers and create cool stuff with it. It is possible to buy a mixture of bricks, or you can buy models and follow the instructions. No matter what, you have hours of fun ahead of you.

Surprise someone with a balloon

Would you like to surprise someone with a romantic balloon? Or maybe you want to buy a balloon portraying Hello Kity? Or just buy hundreds of balloons and have a big water balloon fight in the garden? Click the link below to find all sorts of balloons at amazing prices.

Which of the ideas do you like? What are you doing to keep yourself busy during your coronavirus quarantine?

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