Can I watch BBC on Chromecast outside England?

BBC is the leading TV station in England, and they have produced some of the greatest TV series on the market in the latter years. Do I need to remind you of Bodyguard, for which Richard Madden won a Golden Globe award, or maybe Cuckoo, The ABC Murders, or what about Silent Witnesses? The list of awesome BBC productions are many, but what can you do to stream this and other content on BBC on your TV using a Chromecast when outside England?

To watch BBC on Chromecast outside England, this is what you need to do!

To watch BBC on your Chromecast outside, you will need to do some changes on your router, or you can also change the network settings on your computer and share the computer’s Internet connection as a WiFi signal and let your Chromecast use that connection. But, the latter is kind of complicated, so a much better solution is to make a few setting changes on your router, and you will be good to go and ready to stream BBC on your Chromecast outside England in a few minutes from now.

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Unlocator is the name of a SmartDNS service with its seat in Copenhagen, Denmark. They have a brilliant SmartDNS service which makes sure that you do not suffer from drop in download speeds when using their services, but still, you can surf the Internet and unblock lots of streaming sites at the same time.

With Unlocator you can unblock BBC on your cell phone as you watch the content using your Chromecast. In general, you will be able to watch BBC on your Macintosh and Windows computer as well using Unlocator, and you can also watch BBC on your Android device or iOS system. But, there are also times when it doesn’t work 100%, so I can not promise you that this will work forever. But, you do not have anything to lose, after all – Unlocator has a seven day free trial period. As you sign up, you do not even have to give them any credit card information, you can simply sign up and give it a try right away!

If it works the way you hoped for, keep your subscription running afterwards. If it doesn’t work the way you hoped for, skip it all and look for some other solution!

Watching BBC on Chromecast abroad

I have just used Unlocator watch BBC content on my TV lately. To make it work, you will have to install the BBC Media Player application to your Android system, and you will also need the BBC iPlayer application installed on your deviced. When this is in order, you can use the Chromecast symbol to cast the content to your TV.

To get started with Unlocator you will have to change the DNS servers you want to use on your router. This might sound scary, but it is truly easy, and you will find detailed instructions on how this can be done on the Unlocator website.

Is there some other way to stream BBC on my TV abroad?

Doesn’t it sound cool to change the DNS servers on your router? Or maybe you are in a hotel in which you cannot access the router itself? What can be done then?

If that is you, then I recommend that you purchase an HDMI cable instead and connect your computer directly to the TV and keep up the good work from there. The best VPN service that will help you unblock Netflix at the moment is ExpressVPN, and you can read more about ExpressVPN in our detailed ExpressVPN review.

If not, you can also just install the VPN directly on your Android device and watch the BBC live stream or your favorite program on-demand right there.

More about Unlocator

Since Unlocator has a free seven day trial, it is one of the most harmless things you can do on the Internet to give their services a try. And what makes them different from similar services online is that they do not even ask for your payment details as you sign up. In other words, they have no way of withdrawing money from you as you sign up. After seven days you will lose access to the service, but if you like it, you can simply sign up and pay for the service using your Credit Card, PayPal, or one of the other supported payment methods.

More about ExpressVPN

You can use ExpressVPN as well to watch BBC on your Chromecast abroad, but that is way more complicated as you will have to setup the VPN connection directly on the router, and that isn’t necessarily easy. You could also share your computer Internet connection in Windows and let the Chromecast and your phone use that network (and thus you can cast Chromecast content to your TV), but this again is a bit more complicated, so the Unlocator solution is much better.

Get ready to watch BBC on your Chromecast abroad!

Visit the Unlocator website and get started. It might take 5-10 minutes to get your router ready, but once it is ready to go, you will be able to watch BBC on your Chromecast abroad. And yes, you will also get access to lots of other TV channels and streaming services!

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