Can I stream Amazon Prime and Netflix with Surfshark?

Would you like to enjoy all the benefits of your Amazon Prime and Netflix subscription? And would you like to enjoy all the benefits of your Surfshark subscription or a potential Surfshark subscription? So, what is there to know about Amazon Prime and Netflix when brought together with SurfsharkVPN? Is this a winning combination, or is this a poor combination?

SurfsharkVPN is a leading VPN provider on the market, and they have a very good subscription price, especially if you purchase a 2-year subscription. The price is then hilariously when you check the price per month. But, what do you get for your money?

As you can see in the following SurfsharkVPN review, this is a VPN provider with a lot of features, and with a very nice application. It is available for all the leading platforms, meaning that you can easily get Surfshark up and running on your Windows computer, on your Macintosh, on your iPhone/iPad, on your Android device, and even on your Linux computer, on your Fire TV, or on your router. But, what is the use of all this is SurfsharkVPN is blocked by Amazon Prime and/or Netflix?

Netflix and SurfsharkVPN
Is SurfsharkVPN capable of unblocking Netflix regions without giving you the proxy and unblocker error?

Does SurfsharkVPN work with Netflix?

There are lots of VPN providers out there working only with American Netflix. They all consider that to be the most important Netflix region, and therefore, they work hard to possess som servers that get that job done. Well, Surfshark is taking this to a different level. Because, if you connect to any server in the SurfsharkVPN network that doesn’t work with Netflix, you will immediately get access to American Netflix. What does this mean?

Since SurfsharkVPN doesn’t work with Czech Netflix, you will automatically see the content of American Netflix when you connect to a Czech server whenever you visit

Since SurfsharkVPN does work with Canadian Netflix, you will automatically see the content of Canadian Netflix when you connect to a server in Canada. In the same way, SurfsharkVPN works with Netflix in Japan, in Germany, in Italy, in the UK, in the Netherlands, in the United States, and quite a lot of other regions.

It is worth knowing that Netflix blocks new IP addresses every day, so what works today might not work tomorrow. But, by default, SurfsharkVPN works brilliantly with somewhere between 12-15 different Netflix regions at the time I am writing this article. And it has been that way for the last months, so if you want to pick a VPN provider that works better than most others with Netflix, SurfsharkVPN is a safe choice.

Does Surfshark work with Amazon Prime?

While most VPN providers don’t work with Amazon Prime (like you can see in the following video), what is the status when it comes to SurfsharkVPN and AmazonPrime? Can you unblock and stream Amazon Prime content abroad with SurfsharkVPN?

Can SurfsharkVPN unblock AMazon Prime?
Ready to stream Bumblebee on Amazon Prime – can Surfshark help in the process?

Well, the answer is simple! Once again, Surfshark has done a great job, and currently, you can connect to any of their servers in the United States and get access to all the content available with your Amazon Prime subscription in the United States. So, while most VPN providers are blocked, you will not be blocked whenever you use Surfshark. It is also important to notice that Amazon Prime will by default let you see quite a lot of original productions online, even when abroad. But, all the movies and TV shows produced by other companies that are made available to you with your Prime subscription will be blocked whenever you go abroad. And whenever you want to stream such a movie or TV show, that is when you need a VPN provider like SurfsharkVPN to help you unblock the content and stream safely. It is also useful if you want to watch Amazon Prime content while sitting on a Starbucks in New York.

In that way, you don’t have to jeopardize your security in order to watch Baywatch, Bumblebee, or some other movie included with your Prime subscription!

All the information given here is based on personal experience. We don’t always write as many positive answers as we do in this article, but considering that SurfsharkVPN actually works great with Amazon Prime and Netflix, what else can we do than to be positive? It is also worth noticing that the SurfsharkVPN speeds are getting better and better, making this a fast VPN provider as well!

What is your personal experience with SurfsharkVPN? Have we managed to answer the questions you had on your mind? Write a comment and let us hear from you!

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