How can I watch ‘The Deceived’ on Netflix?

The Deceived is the name of a popular British TV series that was released in 2020. The first season consists of 4 episodes, and you will for sure be curious to see more once the first season comes to an end.

But, is it possible to watch The Deceived online? Is The Deceived on Netflix? In this article, I will show you how you can stream this popular series created in Ireland and in the UK online.

the deceived online

How to watch The Deceived on Netflix!

There is only one country in the world in which you can watch The Deceived on Netflix and that is in the United Kingdom. If you live elsewhere in the world you can search for The Deceived on Netflix, but you will not be able to find it.

So, what can you do in order to watch The Deceived on Netflix? Follow these instructions!

  • The first thing you need is a VPN subscription to ExpressVPN. Click the button below to visit the website of this popular VPN provider.
  • After you have purchased your VPN subscription, download the Surfshark application to your computer, telephone, TV, or tablet. You can use it on an unlimited number of devices at the same time, so feel free to download it to all your devices.
  • Start the Surfshark application and connect to a server in the United Kingdom. This will give you a UK IP address, and from that moment on, Netflix will believe that you are in the UK, and it will give you access to the content available on Netflix in the UK.
  • Search for The Deceived on Netflix. You can now stream this popular TV series on Netflix.

Is your Netflix subscription registered in an EU country?
If your Netflix subscription is registered in an EU country this will not work properly because of EU regulations. As a result, you will see the content of your “home” country, no matter which Surfshark server you connect to within the EU. To fix this problem you need to create a new Netflix subscription in a country outside the EU and then terminate your current subscription. It might sound complicated, but it is very easy, and you will at the same time save quite a lot on the actual price of your Netflix subscription. You can read more about this and how it can be done in the following article.

Just like you can use SurfsharkVPN to watch all the content on Netflix in the UK, you can use the same service to watch Netflix content in other countries like Canada, Australia, Japan, India, France, Mexico, the USA, the Netherlands, and several other countries. You can also use the service to unblock streaming services and TV networks such as BBC, ITV, NBC, PeacockTV, ParamountPlus, DisneyPlus, and many others.

What is The Deceived about?

Michael Callaghan is a very handsome teacher that attracts the attention of many ladies. He quickly attracts Ophelia, one of his students, and this leads to an affair which again leads to a pregnancy. But, to make things more complicated, Michael has a reputation for seducing women. But, he also has a wife. Things get more complicated when his wife dies in a fire. Who set the house on fire? Was it a coincidence? Things get very complicated and a lot of people are involved in this drama.

One of the actors in this popular TV series is Paul Mescal, a guy many people remember from the very popular series Normal People. Besides Paul Mescal, you can also see Emmett J Scanlan, Catherine Walker, Shelley Conn, Lloyd Everitt, and many others.

The TV series currently has a 5,8/10 score on IMDb while it has a 60% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Are you ready to watch The Deceived online?

If you follow these instructions, you will be ready to watch The Deceived online in a few minutes from now. I hope you will enjoy it. If you have any remaining questions, or if you would like to write down your thoughts about the TV series, please use the comment field below.

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