How can I stream Chicago Med on Netflix?

Chicago Med is a TV series dealing with life at a hospital in Chicago. It is related to Chicago Fire (a series that was launched several years before Chicago Med), and it is also related to Chicago Black. But, what can you do if you are looking for a way to stream Chicago Med on Netflix? Is it possible?

Chicago Med is on Netflix in the United Kingdom, but it isn’t on Netflix in many other countries. What does this mean? If you live in London or in Liverpool or maybe in the town of the Red Devils (that is, in Manchester), then you can simply open your Netflix application, search for Chicago Med, and you will be able to stream the TV series on Netflix immediately.

But, if you are living in Paris (France) or in the Paris of Eastern Europe (that is, in Prague in the Czech Republic), you will not find Chicago Med on Netflix. If you live in Mexico City or in New York, the same empty screen will wait for you as you search for Chicago Med on Netflix. But, do you have to live in the country of Queen Elizabeth, Mr. Bean, and Harry Kane in order to stream Chicago Med on Netflix? The answer to that question is yes, but it is also a no. How come? You need to be in the UK to watch Chicago Med on Netflix. But, if you don’t reside in the UK, then you at least need to be virtually located in the UK. What do I mean about that?

chicago med on netflix

Change your IP address to watch Chicago Med on Netflix

All devices connected to the Internet have an IP address. This IP address is showing your location and also giving away some sort of information about the platform on which it is running and more. It doesn’t give away your exact location (at least not to you), but if someone finds your IP address and searches for information, they will have a good feeling about which city and which country you are in.

But, what would happen if you would change your IP address? Is that even possible?

It is possible to change your IP address and one of the best ways of doing so is by using a VPN service. There are lots of VPN services available online, and their ultimate goal is to encrypt your data and protect you online. One of the additional things a VPN will do is to change your IP address, and thus, change your virtual location.

If you purchase a VPN service and connect to one of their servers in the UK, you will get a UK IP address. Unfortunately, most IP addresses in the UK provided by the different VPN providers are blocked by Netflix. But, during my recent tests, I could still use ExpressVPN to get a UK IP address that could be used to stream the content on UK Netflix, no matter where you are in the world.


Click the button above to visit the ExpressVPN website and to test their services. The link above will give you three months for free (if you purchase a 12-month plan), and you are protected by their 30-day money-back guarantee at the same time.

I have just connected to an ExpressVPN server in London using their VPN application which is available for all the big platforms, and it only took some seconds for the connection to be active.

I then visited the Netflix website and searched for Chicago Med.

chicago med netflix

Here you can see that I was searching for Chicago Med and you can also see the search results showing the popular TV series on Netflix.

Now you can just click the image and start streaming this fantastic TV show on Netflix.

That was easy and neat, wasn’t it? You can also use ExpressVPN to watch content on Netflix in countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, France, and it should also work with Canada and the USA and Canada (even though they have had some trouble with that recently). If you have questions, you can also ask the ExpressVPN customer service which is helpful and quick to answer any question you may have.

I hope this article has answered many of your questions. If you still have any questions or comments or just want to share something else, use the comment field below.

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