Can I watch A Quiet Place 1&2 on Netflix?

Would you like to watch A Quiet Place 1&2? The movies directed by John Krasinski have received fantastic critics all around the world, and millions of people went to cinemas all around the world to watch the movies. But, what can you do if you are at home and would like to stream A Quiet Place 1&2 online? Is it possible to watch the movies on Netflix? Or can you watch them on Disney+? Or can you find the movies on other streaming services? Here I will give you all the information you need at this very moment!

It is important to notice that things change very fast in the digital world. In other words, what might be available on one streaming service today, might be removed tomorrow, and then added to a different streaming service. As a result, I cannot guarantee you that the answer that I am writing about right here will be valid in a few months from now, but I will do my best to keep the article updated. If you know more than I do or if things have changed and I haven’t updated the article, please use the comment field below and share your intel with me (and I will update the article based on that information).

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Where can I watch A Quiet Place 1&2 online?

Where can you stream the movies online? One thing you can know for sure is that you can find the movies in the Google Store and in Apple Store. There you can borrow the movies or you can buy the movies, and you might even find bundles including both movies.

But, can you find A Quiet Place on any of the popular streaming services?


Currently, you cannot find A Quiet Place 1&2 on Netflix. That doesn’t mean that they will never come to the streaming service, but at the moment, you will not find these movies on Netflix, no matter where you are in the world.

Amazon Prime

I remember finding A Quiet Place on Amazon Prime a few years ago, but it has been removed from the service since then, and you are no longer able to stream the first movie on Amazon Prime (nor can you watch the second movie on Amazon Prime in the USA).


If you want to watch A Quiet Place 1&2 online, this is currently the place to go. Here you can stream both the movies with your basic subscription, meaning that you only have to pay the monthly fee which is $6 and you can stream A Quiet Place 1 and A Quiet Place 2 on the streaming service.


Even though you can find a lot of great content on PeacockTV, you will not find A Quiet Place on this streaming service.


Hulu is great for a lot of things, but it is not good for A Quiet Place.

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Are the movies worth watching?

This is a secondary question. If you have found this article searching for information about how and where you can watch A Quiet Place online, I guess you are interested in watching the movies, and that you have probably heard some positive critics. Based on the information I have given you so far, you should now have all the information needed in order to stream the movies online. But is it really worth it?

I have watched both the movies recently. I had great expectations, knowing that John Krasinski is a great guy, a fantastic actor, and a good director. He is accompanied by his wife Emily Blunt, and this all seems very promising.

The plot of the movie is also great and unusual. The story takes place in a world in which you get killed by aliens if you make some sort of noise. What is the result? Throughout the first ten minutes of the first movie, you don’t really hear any noise at all. Even more so, I think you can count on two hands the number of lines the actors had to learn for the first movie. What do I mean? They nearly don’t say a word in the first movie, and it is all a quiet experience.

That sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

It is… but personally, I felt really bored and annoyed watching the movies. Not only was I bored by the silence of the first movie, but I felt as if there were so many errors and stupidities in the movie, thus making it hard to enjoy. What do I mean?

  • The aliens attack and kill people whenever they make some sort of noise… what about the animals? What about the birds? Why don’t the alien monsters stand on the ground ready to attack birds and other things making noises at all times?
  • Normally the aliens would only attack the person actually making the noise. Why do they sometimes choose to keep on hunting for more for minutes and hours after a noise has been made, while they at the start just killed a person and ran on without caring about the other people standing next to the person who was killed?

And then you have the second movie which should have been so much easier, considering the discovery they made at the end of the first movie. But, somehow, they just keep struggling themselves through the second movie, only to discover the same once again at the end of the second movie.

I guess I didn’t become a big fan of the movies myself, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t watch it. I just wanted to share my personal experience watching the movies.

Have you seen the movies? How did you like them? I would love to hear your thoughts about the movies as well!

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