Is it really worth using a VPN when you use open WiFi networks?

I am in a hotel. The hotel has free WiFi available to all its guests. It is much better because I don’t have to pay anything extra, and I don’t have to use all the data I have with my phone subscription. In other words, it is a big win situation for me to use the local WiFi available in the hotel. But, is it safe? Or should I use a VPN?

The answer to the question is really simple!


Do you wear a seatbelt in your care?

When you sit in a car, do you wear a seatbelt? It doesn’t matter if you are the person driving or not, but in almost all countries, you HAVE to wear a seatbelt. Let me ask you the following question:


My personal answer is NEVER! I have never ever needed the seat belt, but I am wearing it whenever I drive a car or sit in a car. Without it, I feel naked, and something is wrong!

In fact, it is enough not to wear the seat belt ONCE, and that might be enough to cause serious damage to you for the rest of your life.

And now it is time to turn the question around.

Do you use a VPN when using open WiFi networks?

Using an open WiFi network is just like sitting in a car. It is normally perfectly fine, and if you don’t use a belt (don’t use a VPN), you will be perfectly fine and you will not experience any trouble at all. But, just like with the seat belt, it is enough for an accident to happen once in order to cause great damage to you for a very long time.

You might live in a hotel 300 nights per year, and you still haven’t had any trouble. But, if you experience trouble 5 years from now after spending 1500 nights in hotels all around the world, that is a low percentage, but still – that little percentage in which damage was caused, that will be so annoying that you will be sorry that you didn’t took the precautions needed at an earlier time in your life.

What is the conclusion to this article?

Don’t wait until the harm is done! Don’t wait until someone will take advantage of weak security, low or no encryption, and don’t wait until someone will start to blackmail you saying that they will share your data unless you pay them in Bitcoin or in some other cryptocurrency! Stop the thing before it gets that far. Be safe rather than sorry!

Using a VPN will not protect you from all dangers online, but it will for sure raise the difficulty a lot for anyone who is looking for a way to intrude into your personal life, steal your data, and hack your device while being online!

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